Clint Goss - Bio

Clint GossClint Goss, Ph.D. is a trained music facilitator and performer on world flutes and an array of ethnic fusion world instruments. Clint and his wife, Vera Shanov, have facilitated energetic and inspirational Native Flute workshops since 2003. They bring out the musical potential in all participants, focusing on techniques that make music expression accessible to players with all levels of musical experience.

Music Facilitation

Clint earned a certificate in music facilitation from the Music for People organization in 2007 and now facilitates weekend and full-week workshops. Clint and Vera have facilitated at flute festivals and Native Flute Schools at FluteQuest, Zion Canyon, Flower Mound, Flute Haven, Native Rhythms Festival, and the Potomac Flute Festival. They have also led general music workshops at The Omega Institute, The Stony Point Retreat Center, the Trumbull Connecticut School System, music schools in Honduras, and a music workshop at the Kientalerhof in Kiental, Switzerland.


Clint began recording in 2002 and issued a private release of the RNAF 2002 concert. In 2006 Clint and Vera started Manifest Spirit Records and collaborated with bluegrass artist Eric Miller to issue SpiritGrass, an ethnic fusion album with guest artists Lynn Miller and Grammy-winning artist David Darling. In 2007, Spiritgrass was a finalist in the International Acoustic Music Awards.

More CD productions followed, with a heavy emphasis on music enrichment and education. These have included:

He has also recorded Grammy-nominated artist Michael DeMaria, Peter Dubner, David Rudge, Nashville songwriter Jim Parker, Wayne "Tex" Gabriel, Zambian reggae artist Mathew Tembo, Ron Kravitz, Marrakesh Gnawa musician Youssef Mestauri, Jim Oshinsky, and Eve Kodiak.



Clint and Vera have engaged in extended technical assistance and cultural exchange projects in Zimbabwe, Calcutta, Tokyo, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Namibia, Moscow, Kenya, China, Morocco, Honduras, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Zambia. Each trip has widened their musical universe and brought more sounds and instruments into the mix.

A trip to Slovakia introduced Clint to a 5½ foot tall flute, the Fujara, an instrument that is hardly known outside of Eastern Europe. His collection of over 200 world flutes, is a source for many of the organic and eclectic sounds that he brings to the mix.


Clint performs on the Native American Flute, Indian Bansuri, African Kalimba, Slovakian Fujara and Koncovka, Indian Shruti box, Swiss Hang Drum, and a variety of world percussion instruments including African Djembe and Udu. He has performed and recorded on five continents, both solo and in a wide range of musical ensembles.

His collaborations have included artists Randy Brody and the Global Rhythm Group, Catherine Marie Charlton and the CMC Trio, Jim Parker at the famous Nashville song venue The Bluebird, Ron Kravitz of Music in the Moment, Grammy-winning artists David Darling, Peter Phippen, Ash Dargan, Zambian Reggae artist Mathew Tembo, Grammy-nominated artist Michael Demaria, Marrakesh Gnawa musician Youssef Mestauri, Choctaw flutist Don Zimbelman, and Adelante, with members J. Jody Janetta and Paul Mimlitsch.

Music Publishing

Three divisions of Manifest Spirit Records were formed to handle the publishing rights, mechanical rights, and performance royalties for albums issues by Manifest Spirit Records. These three music publishers now handle royalties for 30 artists.

  • Manifest Spirit Music publishes music and handles performance royalties through ASCAP
  • Second Spirit Music publishes music and handles performance royalties through BMI, and
  • Rhythm Spirit Music publishes music and handles performance royalties through SESAC.

In addition, these three music publishers are registered with the Harry Fox Agency, and Sound Exchange.


Clint holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from New York University, and currently serves as an expert witness in patent dispute and intellectual property cases. He also holds a commercial pilot license and a flight instructor certificate.