Native Flute School - Upcoming Events

Here is a list of upcoming Native Flute School workshops:

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  • Flute Haven 2013: September 10–15, 2013. Valley Forge, PA. Tuesday reception/opening through Sunday noon. Daytime workshops, concerts each evening, private lessons, recording studio available. Co-facilitated with Lynn Miller, Eric Miller, Ron Kravitz, Ron Volkman, and Frank Henninger. Special programs for Leadership (Sept 8–15), Recording (Sept 9–15), and a Weekend Program (Sept 13–15).

  • Native Rhythms Festival: November 8–10, 2013. Melbourne, FL. Thursday reception, Friday–Sunday morning workshops.

  • Flute Camp Aotearoa – Journeying with the Native American Style Flute: January 17–20, 2014. Tapu Te Ranga Narae, Island Bay, Wellington, New Zealand. Hosted by Southern Cross Flutes. Co-facilitated with Todd Chaplin and Adam Page.

  • Zion Canyon Native Flute School: Tue–Sat, March 25–29, 2013. Springdale, UT. Workshops Tuesday evening through Saturday noon.

  • Flute Haven 2014: September 9–14, 2014. Valley Forge, PA.

  • Flute Harvest 2014: Sun–Fri, October 26–31, 2014. Encino, CA. At the HS Retreat Center. Co-facilitated with Kalani.

  • Flute Haven 2015: September 15–20, 2015. Valley Forge, PA.